Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Post Created at 1:13 AM by an Opinionated Man

Hello everyone...it's 1:13 AM and I am as wide awake as I have ever been. It could be that my sleeping schedule became incoveniently impaired by a week of sleeping alone without my lovely wife while I was at training in SLC. It could be that we are currently staying with Dana's parents in Las Vegas and although the bed provided by our gracious hosts in inarguably comfortable (can you say "eggshell comforter?") , a fundamental truth of the world is this: ain't no bed like your own bed. It could also be that my mind is stressfully preoccupied with concerns that Mark won't like my Christmas present or that Adam won't get me a Christmas present, or that Dad won't buy me the X-Box 360 he promised me. It could be any number of other things, but this fact remains: I'm wide awake!

So I decided to do something useful with my time and got up to read for a while. Often that will put me out fast, but tonight it doesn't seem to be working. As I read, I came across a word with which I was vaguely familiar, but I decided to look it up on the Internet. The word was ecumenism. As I learned, the definition is:

1. a movement promoting union between religions (especially between Christian churches)
2. (Christianity) the doctrine of the ecumenical movement that promotes cooperation and better understanding between religious denominations: aimed at universal Christian unity

An interesting word, no doubt. It also has very slight relevance to a topic that I was pondering as I attempted sleep. That topic is summed up very well by the following demotivator:

NOTE: Demotivators are another fundamental truth of the world in my mind. I believe Megan posted this particular demotivator on her blog at some point.

I, like all of you, have various ideas and opinions about life and the world that have all been derived from a combination of my upbringing, my own life-experience, my inherent personality and soul as well as a broad host of other factors.

Well, the world is a big place and as amazing as it seems to me and as it may seem to you, there are a lot of people out there that probably disagree with just about every opinion and point-of-view I possess or hold dear. Someone, in fact lots of people think I am an idiot. Because of my opinions and beliefs, I'm sure there are those who think I am naive, uninformed, a hypocrite, a loser, a moron, a bigot...in short dead wrong.

I, of course, believe that all of these people are themselves complete joker-fools!

I'm sure there are a few people who would agree with many if not all of my opinions. I'd also like to hope that with most people out there I could probably find some common ground. Some instances of belief that we might share. I think that the more you get to know any person or culture, the less bizarre ideas seem that before seemed completely indefensible and insane. That doesn't change the fact that they may hate your guts, it just makes it a little more understandable.

It is amazing to me how two people, who could both be considered to be rational, logical and thoughtful can both come to completely opposite conclusions based on a viewing of the exact same data. People are different to the core. People, including me, are also unknownly biased, tragically misinformed, hopelessly uninformed and pathetically apathetic. I guess the simple fact is that complete objectivity is impossible. Subjectivity is a part of being human. I guess some would consider Nature to be purely objective, but that is another discussion... My point for now is that diversity in this mortal and transient world is inescapable and wonderful.

Diversity of thought and belief and opinion is a beautiful thing, in my opinion an outgrowth of divinely appointed free will. But as beautiful as it may be in concept, it certainly has ugly consequences in practice. So much bitterness, hatred and violence stem from the clashes of diverse individuals and societies. By the same token, so much creativity and learning takes place because a person or a society is confronted with a new idea that had never before been considered.

I disagree with the relitivistic notion that because of the utter subjectivity of everything human, all rational ideas, opinions and worldviews are equal. The fact is, some are most definitely superior to others, but how can a completely subjective human being judge between competing worldviews?

That's easy...I'm right!