Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Much Response....Probably Because I'm Such a Cruel Human Being


I can tell by the response to my last post that the collective Internet community of bloggers let out a joyful cry when the news came out that I would be updating my blog more frequently. (Sarcasm)

Actually, like I always tell my wife when I think she is being overly sensitive: "Nobody cares!" I'm usually wrong, she reminds me because SHE cares. However, in this case it turns out that I am right because apparently not even she gives a crap about what I am writing here.

As I shared in the title of this post, I probably should not be surprised by my lack of readership. After all, I am one mean son of a gun. As I type, both of my children are screaming out in emotional agony from their bedrooms, just begging their Mommy or Daddy to come in an snuggle them to sleep. Actually, Max is crying, "I want Daddy!" right now. A few years ago, that little trick worked really well on me, but I have become so hardened and emotionally calloused to the screaming and crying that I am just going to continue to type without so much as batting an eye. I do love them however.

Anyway, whoever is reading this, try to look past the crusty exterior. I am a nice person on the inside...really, I promise.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A New Era Begins...


I am letting you all know that I have turned over a new leaf and reset the clock. In other words, I am starting out fresh. My blogging reliability has been suspect but here is my pledge: You can expect more frequent posts from me on my blog. Note that for the record, I didn't promise any sort of depth or substance to those posts, just higher frequency.

Also, since it seems like this whole Internet thing just isn't "going away" like I thought it would, I have decided to ally myself with the enemy and join Facebook. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em! The main reason is I want more friends than my wife. So please help me out and be my friend, if not for friendship's sake, than for the sake of a good old fashioned rivalry between a husband and wife.

Jump on the bandwagon! In a little over a day, I already have almost 50 friends. Help me keep up the pace.