Sunday, June 18, 2006

1st Fathers Day

Hello, everyone! No deep thoughts tonight, just musings about my first Fathers day...

I love my little family so much. I am so lucky to have such a beautiful, sweet wife, who has the golden heart of a loving mother. She is such an inspiration to me and I continually seem to learn about the finer sides of life from her. I look back on the type of person I was before I met her and I can see that in just a year and a half of marriage, I have slowly morphed into a different and better person. I still have a long way to go, but under the expert tutelage of my lovely wife, I know that I am on the right path!

And now, onto my son...

He is such a sweet little baby. He is chunking up like a champ, as you can tell from the above picture. The other picture is a favorite of his parents because it was taken right after one of his baths. He hated his baths for the first few weeks of his life, but he loves them now, and they always seem to calm him down. As I have said before, I can tell that Max is such an important person, who holds so much potential for good in the world. I feel a heavy responsiblity on my broad shoulders to be this little guy's father. He is so dependent on us and we love him so much. "All you need is love," right? I'm sure there are other important ingredients as well, but love seems like a pretty good starting point.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Baby Steps Towards Changing the World

That is one cute, dapper little man!

I apologize for not providing you with the pleasure of reading about my thoughts and feelings for almost a month. Who am I kidding? As I always tell Dana: "Nobody cares!"

It has been a whirlwind month for us. As with any defining moment in life, the duration of that moment can usually be described as at once both ploddingly slow and screamingly fast. I can't believe that Max has only been in our arms for only about four weeks as it is hard to remember anything before he came along, but at the same time it seems like he is growing so fast that we cannot keep up with him.

He is such an alert baby. Sure, he sleeps his fair share, but he is awake more than I thought a few-week-old baby would be. He has started to acquire some useful head and neck skills (next come the computer hacking and bowstaff skills...). Sometimes, when I hold him against my chest, he will purposefully put his head back and just look up into my eyes, like he is trying to figure out who I am on the inside. By that I mean he knows that I am his dad, but he seems to be searching my heart and soul for something else.

He is so small and so helpless. Yet, it is babies like Max that hold endless potential for powerful good in the future world. How badly the world needs good people to influence it. I hope I can teach him and inspire him and guide him so that he can make the most out of all that potential he has wrapped up inside that little brain and body.

Look out world, we have unleashed Max upon you. Evil and corruption will be vanquished!!!

Okay, well, maybe he should start by working on basic motor and speech skills and accurately controlling his extremities first. Then he can move on to changing the world. Baby steps...