Sunday, December 21, 2008

Furnace Problems

Here are some pictures of the burned out circuit board I found on my furnace this morning. It is cold today and we are getting record amounts of snowfall. What a day for my furnace to go out on me!

Fortunately we were able to supplement our single space heater by stealing one from our nice neighbors (who are out of the country right now) and we have a gas fireplace so we are not freezing, but I gotta do something about my furnace.


Rappster said...

I'd take it down to the D-drop, this time, wear shin pads.

Tankfos said...

Just re-wire the dang thing. So easy!

Goose said...

I fixed one last week. So easy and I did it with only a pocket knife and duct tape.

Matthew said...

I read about the freakish snowfall up there in the NW. You guys are such wimps when it comes to snow.

Regarding the furnace, since you have a Masters degree and have already diagnosed the problems with the circuit boards via visual inspection alone, I think you should be able to keep the house warm through sheer force of your white-hot burning intellect alone.

Dad said...

Thanks for the pictures. I think I see the problem. It is the third maybe the fourth capacitor on the left hand side of the top board starting from the left lower corner. It is burnt out meaning it has shorted out the reflux heating circuit. You may have to replace the transducer as well but they are easy to get at any Radio Shack. If that doesn't do the trick you can parallel the two remaining capacitors and put them in series with the flux induced transistor inductor and it should be an equivalent circuit. Good luck.

Call if you need help.